Chứng kiến tai nạn trong lúc lái xe đi tham quan thánh địa Mỹ Sơn, một du khách Tây kể lại trên Youtube. Nghe chia sẻ được đăng tải ngày 17/10 và điền vào chỗ trống. 

So if you’ve been to Vietnam, you’ve seen the …(1)…of the traffic. Now we’ve hired bikes in Philippines and …(2)… And whilst they are still crazy mad traffic and …(3)…, there is a …(4)…, there is a …(5)…if you beep your horn to know you’re there maybe overtaking, there is a trust that they’re not just going to swear though they’ve heard your beep, they’re gonna let you pass. There’s  method to the …(6)…and how they drive. Here there’s no rhyme nor reason in what happens on the roads and that’s …(7)… It’s absolutely …(7)… To give you an idea, we must have been pulled out on almost worked into. We had an Arctic Lori come head-on with us, literally giving us this much space to squeeze down the side of it. All day. It happened …(8)…

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