"Ông có thể mô tả chi tiết điều gì khiến ông lo sợ? Cơn ác mộng thực sự của ông trông như thế nào?". Nghe Bill Gates trả lời câu hỏi này và điền vào chỗ trống. 

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Ezra Klein: Why don’t you describe for me as vividly as you can, what it is you’re worried about? What it is …(1)…scenario looks like?

Bill Gates: Fortunately, there’s very few things and most of them are very low …(2)… Some big …(3)…explosion, a giant …(4)…earthquake, asteroid. At least in the …(5)…case, you gotta say we take it quite seriously. We …(6)…a lot of money, have a lot of people who think about nuclear deterrence.

I’m very glad that works being done and I rate the …(7)…of a nuclear war in my lifetime has being fairly low. I rate the …(7)…of a widespread epidemic far worse than …(8)…in my lifetime as well over 50 percent. 

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