"Bill Clinton đã xâm hại phụ nữ. Hillary Clinton cũng tấn công chính những người phụ nữ này", Trump phản pháo. Nghe phần phát biểu của Trump và điền vào chỗ trống. 

Raddatz : Mr. Trump, Mr. Trump, I want to get to …(1)…questions and online questions.

Trump: She is allowed to do that, but I'm not? Sounds …(2)…, sounds fair.

Raddatz : You will get to …(3)…right now. This tape is generating intense …(4)… In just 48 hours it has become the single most talked about story of the entire 2016 …(5)…on Facebook with millions and millions of people discussing it on the …(6)…network. As we said a moment ago, we do want to bring in questions from …(7)…around the country via social media. And our first stays on this …(8)… Jeff from Ohio asks on Facebook, Trump says the campaign has changed him. When did that happen? So Mr. Trump, let me add to that, when you walked off that …(9)…at age 59, were you a different man or did that …(10)…continue until just recently? And you have two minutes for this.

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