"Mặc dù lúc đó Barack đã là thượng nghị sĩ và ứng cử viên tổng thống, đối với tôi, anh ấy vẫn là chàng trai đón tôi đi hẹn hò bằng chiếc xe gỉ sét", bà Obama phát biểu tại Đại hội toàn quốc Đảng Dân chủ năm 2012. Nghe và điền vào chỗ trống.  

 I love Barack just the way he was. You see, even though back then Barack was a senator and a …(1)…candidate, to me, he is still the guy who’d …(2)…me up for our …(3)…in a car that was so rusted out, I could actually see the pavement going by in a hole in the …(4)…side door.

He was the guy whose proudest possession was a …(5)…table he’d found in a dumpster, and whose only pair of decent …(6)…was a half size too small. But, see, when Barack started telling me about his family, see, now that’s when I knew I had found a kindred …(7)…, someone whose values and …(8)…were so much like mine. You see, Barack and I were both raised by families who didn’t have much in the way of money or …(9)…possessions but who had given us something far more valuable: their …(10)…love, their unflinching sacrifice and the chance to go places they had never imagined for themselves. 

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